Work EDC

Herend Canales
Medic (age 27)
Antipolo, Philippines
Some of the tools that I carry at work. Currently an EMT-B at my community.

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Love this set up, especially on that background.
James cooper ·
Wish I would have found this website/community a long time ago. Your gear kit is my favorite so far!
Mactire ·
The tape roll on the Grim-Lock is ingenious!
Michael ·
Not quite. ITW is the manufacturer, GrimLOC is the product name, Textured Black Lightweight Polymer is the material, and Self Purging Ports is a function to clean sand out of the mechanism. It was developed for US military use in "sandy environments". A shaft is connected to a MOLLE attachment point and a push button opens the gate. It is similar to a toy carabiner (not for climbing type) in function but is much stronger and has a more secure closure.
Christopher Strack ·
what the heck is a ITW GrimLOC Textured Black Lightweight Polymer Self Purging Ports? is that long hand for caribiner?