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Nick H
Atlanta, GA
These are the items on my person every day.

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Extra medium ·
When passing this post I sort of did a double take and realized my carry stuff is nearly identical. Funny thing is I'm now looking at the belt and the lighter and its stuff I would buy too. Anyway, so since our edc needs and interests seem similar thought I'd post the different stuff I carry as you could maybe be interested. One day I'll get around to actually posting a picture. I find the crunch to be heavy unless I know I'll need it, so in that case I exchange it for the Victorinox Delux tinker. That leaves access to at least some small pliers, and combines the cadet in one tool. I prefer a zebra light with the 90 degree head so it can be used as a headlamp also. I keep the headband in an edc bag not on me. My pen makes even more sense to carry since I made a small leather sleeve with a pen slot that fits a 2.5x4 moleskin tiny notebook. And last but not least I really like the Benchmade 550 hg. Likely you've considered that stuff but since I find nearly the exact same things useful, who knows you might be interested.
Victor Villaseor ·
Props on the Leatherman Crunch, A lil overkill for my use cases, I carry a Vic Spirit thou.

Nick H ·
I love it so far! It is very soft and I love the fact that it is fire resistant. I plan on picking up another one soon.
Jeff Giegoldt ·
How is the recycled firefighter handkerchief? I've thought about getting one.
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