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Tyler Arms
Battle Ground, WA
Basic assembly of on body carry items. The backpack that serves as my briefcase carries additional ammo, bandages, tourniquet, decompression needle, and soft armor panel.

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J.S. Leonard ·
K...... Zombie apocalypse? Are you doing Construction Sales in Afghanistan?
Tyler Arms ·
Care to clarify your comment?
J.S. Leonard ·
Just not sure why one would need that much ammo/mags, armor and trauma kit for day to day carry unless you're in a combat zone. I just don't understand why. As a retired SOF soldier and former LEO, I've never heard of any civilian needing such a load out for day to day or ever needing it for actual use. Whatever floats your boat. Rick on.
J.S. Leonard ·
How long have you carried the pictured Glock? How's the comfort with the threaded barrel and RMR while carrying appendix? Just curious.
J.S. Leonard ·
Not the right forum for me to question, but I see it this alot and it baffles myself, my team and friends within the shooting community. So if I offended I apologize. I had to ask.
Most people carry a spare mag just because that's usually the point of failure in a malfunction. Standard drill is to drop the mag in the gun and load a backup if it jams. Soft armor, I'd contend, is a reasonable carry item for the same reason you carry the gun; it meets the threats you're likely to come across (pistols), and getting shot sucks. As for the trauma kit... you're carrying a gun to be prepared. Being able to give medical attention -- even to the person you just stopped from killing you -- is never a bad thing.
Tyler Arms ·
Not a problem. Armor is because I had the soft panels and I dont notice the wait. Anytime I carry, I carry a reload and the 17 rnd vs 15 rnd magazine only takes an extra quarter inch and I have met guys who needed that much ammo. The threaded barrel, eh, I wanted the increased precission of the extended match grade barrel, which is noticeable, and the only option was threaded. As for the comfort of the longer barrel, completely unnoticed, one of the reasons I went with it vs the whole slide being longer in the a G17. As for the red dot, only recently started careying, works great, very accurate for precise shots and I find faster for transitions and shooting while moving. As for its benefits close and fast? Negligible. At that distance I am likely doing some for of point shooting or flash sight picture anyway.

Also, going back to the ammo quantity, I live and work within a few miles of the sites of a few mass shootings or attemted mass shootings, so that is a consideration in my equipment
Tyler Arms ·
Typed this on phone so please excuse some of the spelling
Tyler Arms ·
Have carried the glock for around 7 years although without the red dot for most. Dont even notice the red dot when carrying and doesnt increase printing at all