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Lincoln, Nebraska
I just submitted a setup earlier this week, but the photo turned out horribly and I realized I've yet to really show off my little field watch, so... Here's another one. Also, the Willamette Whittler has got to be one of the snazziest folders ever! Cheers!

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Leather, brass, wood (sighs in contentment).
Am liking the brass pen, and see signs of patina.
Lovely jubbly.
What kind of pocket clip is that on your keychain? Been looking for a small one like that.
Oh gosh, I just found it on Ebay.

There are plenty of vendors that sell them for an offensive amount of money, but if you search "brass Keychain hooks" on ebay, you can find them in all sizes for 2 or 3 bucks!
Everything is just so aesthetically pleasing!
Haha thank you. Pleasing and extremely functional is my main goal with anything that goes into my pockets! Cheers!
Nice gear, and a beautiful photo. Solid work.
Great setup and carry.
Great, loved it! One of my favourite posts here, everything looks so good.