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1up pro EDC Tool

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Mikey Bautista
1up pro EDC Tool

When we first wrote about the original 1up tool, we liked it for its minimalist and focused feature set that made it a functional addition to your keychain. pocket appeal out of New York are back with the 1up pro, the 1up's big brother. While it looks similar, the pro's larger footprint gives it room for 22 functions.

Front and center, of course, are the 1up's bottle opening functions, which includes a non-slip twisting action that not only leaves the cap undamaged, but also keeps it in your hand, preventing it from flying to the next table. There are 8 hex wrench slots above the bottle opener, ending in a top end that includes a keychain slot and a variety of drivers. You can use the 1up's bottom end as a pry bar thanks to its hardened stainless steel construction, and its sharpened edges let you use it to scrape, score, or slice through boxes and packaging.

Though it's bigger than the original 1up, the pro makes up for it in every possible way by giving you a slew of features and the same sleek form factor. You can add one to your everyday carry by clicking on the Kickstarter link below.

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James Kinsfather ·
Hey mike love your writing and the work you do. Is this tool still in production or available ?