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Noah Murdoc
Electrician (age 23)

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Dany Ty ·
Tiger balm?
Noah Murdoc ·
yeah but a Chinese version,
Dany Ty ·
HAHA yeah I know those. No wonder why it had a dragon
Noah Murdoc ·
Hey thanks Jose, yeah it is definitely a sturdy blade for the cost. Ive beat on this knife daily for several years at work, and now it sees its turn in my rotation every so often. The best part is that it is so thin it just disappears in the pocket, especially with the deep ride clip.
Have you had any problems with bacterial growth in your Alfred Lane cologne? After using mine for a few days, my tin looked like a damn, fuzzy petri dish.
Noah Murdoc ·
I havent, thats odd and disturbing. Ill have to keep my eyes on it. i have two kinds so ill have to watch for it.
Jose ·
hey man nice carry! quick question bro, how do you like the boker? I've had it on my cart for a little while and thinking of buying it. it is worth it?