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Dango Tactical Wallet

Jonathan Tayag
Dango Tactical Wallet

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While there are many wallet multitools out there, they don't always work as well as you'd expect. That's because they compromise on performance for portability to let you carry them in a standard credit card slot. For best results, the wallet and multitool work together as a system.

The Dango Tactical wallet delivers just that. It's a wallet that integrates storage with a multitool that's actually useful. It has space for a mix of up to 12 cards and some cash within its genuine leather pouch and back plate. These two components stay attached to the wallet via a silicone band wrapped around the frame. The multitool fits within that frame, and fulfills 14 popular EDC functions, including a screwdriver, bottle opener, and a hex wrench. It's also made out of high carbon stainless steel, allowing the integral knife and saw to stay sharp. The Dango has all this while keeping things small and lightweight due to its 6061 aluminum frame.

What makes the Dango special is how the wallet itself makes effective use of the multitool. It has detents that allow the multitool to jut out in use, turning the wallet into a solid grip surface. You'll have firm control over the tool, and enough leverage to actually do things with it as well.

You can go ahead and consolidate your personal wallet and mulitool carry with confidence with the Dango Tactical wallet.

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Christian Vukas ·
This is really creepy that this wallet is todays featured item...I literally just got done backing it on Kickstarter then received this email! Can't wait to get it!
Did you get it yet Christian? I got mine Monday and it is worth the money and wait!!!
Bruno ·
That looks pretty good. But I'm pretty sure I'd lose it going through a building scanner. They'd want to know why its a metal wallet with all sorts of edges and doodads....
I missed the Kickstarter, but i ordered one a oit 2 weeks ago and it just arrived at customs. I'm really excited to carry it