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KeySmart Rugged Extended Key Holder

Mikey Bautista
KeySmart Rugged Extended Key Holder

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Nobody likes pocket jangle, and its main culprit are usually your keys. When loose in your pocket they make noise, uncomfortable bulges, and even scratches on the other gear next to them. KeySmart's pocket key organizers have been solving this problem for a while, and you may have seen them in the many other EDCs on the site.

This version adds a few features to manage your keys even better. At its core is the KeySmart Rugged Extended base model, allowing you to fit and deploy 2-4 keys. As its name suggests, it's a tougher version of the original KeySmart, with a thicker build for added durability and a slightly larger frame to fit international keys. You'll need it when using its expansion pack that lets your add up to 14 keys to the pile. This KeySmart also includes a removable pocket clip to complement its keychain loop bottle opener.

Ready to manage that mess of keys in your pockets? Pick up the KeySmart Rugged Extended key holder in three colors at the Amazon link below.

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EverydayArsenal ·
This might be almost comparable to a KeyBar now lol.
Bernard Capulong ·
For sure.. thicker build and pocket clip put it in that space
Dan Miller ·
where are teh ad on tools? would like to have that wrench on my current keysmart