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EDC Maker (age 35)
Hong Kong

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I like your Zach Woods pry bar. What do you use it for?
Open coffee can...
Whoaw! Nice knife, but what a price tag! Aren't you afraid of losing it? I know I would!
I use every knife I bought, just with care if it's expensive
That is the most expensive pocket knife I have ever seen...
I have two dozen knives, so today I can say I've probably spent as much as $1.5K getting all kind of Spyderco knives.

Now if I had only one to carry, I probably could buy one very expensive knife (such as this one) and end up spending less, in fact, than Boris here!
I have more to share, enjoy~
Way too expensive for an EDC. Perhaps if I was a collector, but I'll take a good old Buck, Case, SOG, or something else easily replaced.