My first pocket dump.

Erin Marie Huff
Freeburg, Illinois
This was tough. I carry way more stuff, mostly on my belt. But also in my purse and my car and any other container I can find. But on a typical day, this is what I leave the house with.

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WOW......awesome kit ...LEO's get to carry ALL the cool stuff ...lol...in all seriousness Ma'am, Thank you for your service !!
Edward J Fitzgerald ·
Good choice my man. I'm talking about#23, have one just like it.
Erin Marie Huff ·
LOVE the stand for my phone! Genius for reading books and stuff!
blueumbrella ·
I can imagine this EDC reflects your needs, from many experiences and situations. Looks to me like you got things covered, and didn't forget the Fitbit or eye drops.
Charles P ·
I'm a guy so I carry a backpack instead of a purse, but even when I was working as an LEO I concerned myself with having restraints in the event I had to take off-duty action. Glad to see the inclusion of handcuffs, but as a suggestion thumb cuffs work well (if you can still find them). Good set up, and stay safe!
Erin Marie Huff ·
I'm genuinely thinking that I need to carry a backpack. I love my purse, but I'm a left handed shooter, so I can't carry anything in my left hand, but my ten years in the navy has drilled into me to never carry anything in my right hand. So. As you see, a real first world problem, so I've been thinking backpack!
Kevin ·
I may just not be able to get a good look, but the knife numbered "11" doesn't seem to be the SOG Micron 2. Am I wrong?
Erin Marie Huff ·
You are correct, I got little knife as a gift and couldn't find one that actual fit the description. Do you know what this one is?
Gentry Neilson ·
why carry around so many different notebooks?
Erin Marie Huff ·
I'm an obsessive list maker. One is to-dos, another is notes from work and the last is long term planning!
Jackie Cheng ·
What's that bottle thing on top of the phone case?
Bernard Capulong ·
Rohto eyedrops. Pocketable, minty relief.