Maya Highlands EDC #NDOA

The Most Noble and Most Loyal City of Santiago of the Knight
My career inherently involves adventure: living in the Guatemalan jungle for months and excavating the ancient Maya ruins B-)… but after the field season, comes the not so adventurous lab season in the city, when I get into the regular "grind of the 9 to 5" as rightly called by our fellow master EDCer, B. Capulong. The EDC I present in this submission, to join the celebration of the National Day of Adventure in the USA, is the one I used during a recent short trip to the Central Highlands of Guatemala. This trip allowed me to escape the city for three days, and to visit a region of cultural and natural interest where the modern Maya live. This EDC is what I carried on me most of the time during the trip, but I had other gear in my backpack like a flashlight and a water bottle.

I carried my Victorinox Traveller Lite in an artisan-made leather sheath attached to my belt. Besides having the tools of a Climber plus a Philips-head screwdriver, the VTL comes with a led light and a digital clock with very useful features. During the trip, I used the altimeter and thermometer constantly, and both where very accurate. I also used the alarm, and it was loud enough to wake me up every morning. Granted, the led light is not strong, but it's great as an emergency light, good enough to help you walk out of your hotel room during a blackout, to read a map at night, S.O.S. signal, and, with the help of the parcel hook, you can even make a mini desk reading light with it (Some might say, "Alarm? Led light? Thermometer? That's why you have a smartphone for, dude!" But, I decided to keep the battery just for calls because I believe when you're away on a trip, that's the best use you can give to a smartphone). I kept the Manager in the fifth pocket of my jeans, as a backup, for when I was not allowed to enter in certain places with the VLT, due to its size.

The Steelix is the most recent addition to my gear, and it had its EDC baptism during the trip. This wristwatch is sturdy, very easy to read, and looks really cool. The Bordo Mini Vintage is my current wallet, and is a thinner, Italian leather version of the original Bordo Mini I featured in my first post back in March this year. I customized my keychain with a S-Binner Slide Lock No 3, three small steel rings for handcrafts, and the Magkey system. Also, on the trip I used a Victorinox chain to secure the VTL to my keys and vice versa when I was walking on the street, and to look badass of course \m/.

I decided to make this submission more personal, and added my Jade pendant and my eyeglasses, both of which I carried all of the time. The pendant was made by a Maya artisan in Antigua Guatemala and represents a jaguar, which in Maya religion is my guide spirit or Nahual.

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing"-Helen Keller

Happy NDOA to all :-)


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