My updated EDC

Cory Tietz
CAD Designer (age 26)
Grand Rapids, MI
I like to keep what I carry pretty simple. Functionality, well built, and clean lines are my core beliefs in gear. Things that can go from doing the chores around the property to an elegant dinner with the wife are what I look for in my EDC gear.

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Barry Allen ·
That Strider is niiice sir!
Boris Ho ·
Nice knife, it's a mid-tech?
Cory Tietz ·
Thank you! It's actually a Mick Strider Custom!
Cthulhu ·
I used to carry that flashlight, and loved it. Best EDC flashlight I ever had. One day it just stopped working, and of course it always happens when you need it. I sent it back, then send me a new one. Eventually the same thing happened after a few months, so I just consider it unreliable. I'm still looking for a decent replacement, no luck so far.
Cory Tietz ·
That's very odd that 2 of them went bad on you? I have not had any issues with any of them I have! Which I own 5 I do believe, all anodized a different color lol.
A beard comb is totally AWESOME! I don't think Chuck Norris carries a beard comb.
Cory Tietz ·
Haha! If Chuck Norris did carry a comb it would be this one though! Check out ottoedc.com if you'd like one yourself! ;)