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Jeffrey Guerzon
Self-employed (age 37)
This is what i carry on my own person. There is still room for improvement. Only thing not included in the picture is my Samsung S7 Edge which I used to take the picture.

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Ron C ·
That CRKT is probably my favorite folder. I have a couple.
Jeffrey Guerzon ·
Nice to meet another Crawford Kasper afficionado. I have three of them. Two plain and one serrated.

Just like you, it is also my favourite folder.
Ephie ·
Jeffrey, what do you think of Lever Gear tool card? I have been very happy with mine. By the way, the link enclosed for the item is going to the wrong tool card, it brings you instead to the SE MT908 Survival Pocket Tool.
Jeffrey Guerzon ·
I am on the same line with you with the Lever Gear tool card. One of my best purchases that i ever made.

I have used it as a money clip, bottle cap opener, screwdriver, wrench(though i prefer to use the titanium pocket tool but have to remove first the blade), ruler and a lid opener.

Thumbs up for this wondrous tool and thanks for correcting me on the link.