EDC when I go for a little hiking afternoon.

Simple EDC for short hiking. The LowePro pouch came with a camera backpack I purchased. The Black Diamond head lamp is a must when hiking, when the sun goes down, its super dark very quickly in the forest, i got caught once without a lamp and told myself, never again! I almost got lost in the dark. The whistle is for emergencies, a must too, like the compass.

I will post another EDC for long hiking soon.

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Michael Kadlec ·
Nothing to avoid exposure. Nothing to avoid getting wet. Nothing to regulate body temp. A compass is useless without a map, unless you have ADHD and need to always know where magnetic north happens to be. What use is the knife even? There's nothing to light cut wood with, nothing to build a proper shelter with, it's not going to protect you from bears, and you can live without food for weeks, so you don't need it for hunting on a day hike. Please rethink your bag. Just adding a garbage bag, a mylar folding blanket and lighter just upped the odds of your survival by massive margin. And it would only cost a couple dollars.