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10 Orange Everyday Carry Essentials for High Visibility

Mikey Bautista
10 Orange Everyday Carry Essentials for High Visibility

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It's Halloween season again, and oddly enough, it's an appropriate time to rethink your EDC. You've got your knives and lighters for making jack-o-lanterns and flashlights to keep little ones safe on their neighborhood routes. Maybe you won't go so far as repurposing your go-bag into trick-or-treating candy storage (though I can't blame you: candy just tastes better when it's free), but there's good reason to get your EDC in the Halloween spirit with some new orange gear.

Now, you don’t have to use Halloween as an excuse to pocket orange gear. Adding that color to your carry has year-round benefits as well. Orange is typically used in the outdoors and zombie apocalypse survival situations for its strikingly high visibility. Compared to the usual black finishes, orange makes your gear easier to find whether you've dropped it in the woods or it's sitting at the darkest bottom corner of a loaded bag. We featured 13 other hi-vis tools last year, but we've updated the guide this time around with newer gear with the latest features.

Here are our picks for hi-vis orange gear to carry this year.

Orange EDC Gear

Benchmade Triage

Benchmade puts hi-vis orange to use on their specialty rescue knife. The Triage features a trio of tools perfect for an emergency bag, including a useful sheepsfoot blade, safety hook for cutting seatbelts or webbing, and a glass breaker on the end of its handles.

Buy on Amazon: $148.75*

Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet

High-visibility colors are best outdoors where they can stand out against natural tones, so a wallet that stores your essentials is a perfect candidate. Best of all, Bellroy's latest can stand up to the elements thanks to its water-resistant YKK zippers and leather. Carry up to 12 cards and cash, with extra slots for coins and other small essentials.

Buy on Amazon: $84.95*

Casio G-Shock GA-1000-4A

G-Shocks are already one of the toughest things you can put on your wrist, and the GRAVITYMASTER line takes things up a notch for outdoor performance. This 4A model features a high-visibility resin band, 200 meters of water resistance, and a digital compass mode that makes sure you find your way home from your adventure.

Buy on Amazon: $141.30*

Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter's one of the most iconic pens out there, and one of our favorites for everyday carry. Make sure this classic clicker doesn't get lost in your drawer or bag by picking it up in this coral colorway.

Buy on Amazon: $19.95*

Spyderco Pingo

This Vox/Anso collaboration packs a lot of utility into its high-visibility FRN handles. Designed to conform to Denmark's knife laws, the Pingo features a non-locking, two-handed opening sheepsfoot blade that provides plenty of belly for everyday cutting tasks. You can also carry the Pingo with ease thanks to its reversible deep-pocket wire clip.

Buy on Amazon: $50.42*

SureFire G2X

Two efficient levels, one high-visibility Nitrolon polymer body, one indestructible brand. Use the SureFire G2X's rear clicky switch to put its 320 lumen high output to tactical use, or use its 15 lumen level for everyday tasks.

Buy on Amazon: $63*

Zippo Matte Orange

Sometimes you need to be able to light a fire in a pinch during outdoor excursions, and pocket lighters are certainly up to the task — that is, until you lose them. Keep the fire close by picking up this iconic lighter in this hi-vis matte colorway.

Buy on Amazon: $14.32*

Leatherman Skeletool RX

One of Leatherman's most popular multitools makes an appearance in a bright new coat of paint and emergency-focused tools with the Skeletool RX. It features 7 tools essential to first and emergency responders, which includes a serrated blade and a carbide glass breaking tip.

Buy on Amazon: $89.85*

Trayvax Axis — Safety Orange Cerakote

Trayvax's wallets offer a rugged combination of materials to give you a wallet that's flexible on features but tough enough to last a lifetime. A Cerakote coating on the Axis gives it even better protection and visibility for your essentials.

Buy: $49.99 

Victorinox Hunter XT

Unlike its red-scaled brothers, the Hunter XT focuses on visibility and outdoor/hunting utility. It features two large blades you can open one-handed thanks to their oval thumbholes. Combine those with two-component hi-vis scales for easier deployment  and 6 functions and you have a multitool as useful as it is easy to carry.

Buy on Amazon: $39.99*

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* Prices shown reflect the price at the time of publishing and may have adjusted since.

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