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Ecomo Smart Bottle

Mikey Bautista
Ecomo Smart Bottle

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Most water bottles work the same. Stainless steel, double-walled insulation, and keeps your drink hot or cold for a long time. But what if your water bottle could be smarter, even healthier for you? How about a smart bottle that can test and filter water on the spot so you know it's safe to drink?

This is the Ecomo Bottle, a crowdfunded smart bottle with a built-in filtration system designed for a healthier you. It does this in three steps: first, you fill up its 20 oz capacity with water from a source of your choice, like a fountain or stream. Next, you shake the Ecomo to check the water for contaminants, which it then tells you via its digital display. You can then twist the bottle to use its 3-in-1 filtration system to remove most major contaminants from the water, such as metal and pesticides.

While the bottle itself does as well as its peers with insulation and safety, it's got some unique tech as well, such as pairing with an activity tracking wristband that tracks your water intake along with a smartphone app.

The Ecomo's more than met its Kickstarter goal, and there's plenty of time to back one yourself. Hydrate safer and smarter by picking up the Ecomo Bottle in the color of your choice at the link below.

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Derrick ·
This is quite possibly the most asinine contraption that I have ever seen. I will never understand the need to insert technology (at a 1000% markup) into everyday items that work more practically without the technology at a fraction of the price. Even if the bottle actually functioned as advertised, the trade-off for the "smart" tech looks to be about four ounces per fill-up. I'll take my $12, 32oz Nalgene and a reliable water source any day.

And the video of the two "campers" driving their G-Wagen into the woods, filling up their battery-powered ecomos from a stream, and checking the water quality on their iPhones is straight up laughable..