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Chur, Switzerland
Things have changed since my first EDC last October.
Let's go through one by one.

I always thought of the Victorinox to be the best budget pocket knife but it didn't hold up to everyday use in terms of build quality, so i eventually invested in a long-time wish of mine - a Al Mar Falcon Classic.
The Luca iPhone wallet turned out to be somewhat impractical for me so i went back to a single wallet with money clip from germanmade. and a iPhone leather sleeve from Ackermann with wool felt lining for some additional protection.
When it comes to the keychain I've only changed to the leather strap with the bead, for I've always wanted something made of damask steel. The Cowon USB flash drive still is a reliable companion.
Finally, there is the Tudor Black Bay with the Hodinkee leather strap. I got attracted by more rugged tool watches and i would have sold my soul to get the Black Bay!

In summary, my EDC is still still small and simple but I adapted it in terms of usability and quality. And I take much pleasure in the different kinds of leather, since this subject has always been fascinating to me.

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You have great taste in watches - do you have any wrist shots? I've been thinking about picking up one of those HODINKEE straps