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Dash Access Bifold Wallet

Adam Molina
Dash Access Bifold Wallet

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There's no shortage of great minimalist wallets for your everyday carry, in no small part due to Dash's offerings. While they're definitely compact and affordable, none of the wallets in their lineup offered both RFID protection and a no-fuss way to carry cash, until now. Enter the Access Bifold, Dash's newest wallet on Kickstarter. It's designed to protect your cards' sensitive information and easily hold your cash without the pocket bulge thanks to its thin profile.

Opening the Dash, you’re greeted with two easy access flaps for cards and cash. Say goodbye to bulky, triple-folded bills messing up your minimalist ways—the Dash fits cash folded in half. There’s also a third slot for any extra cards or IDs that are too essential to leave at home.

If you have a most used card, you can store it in the quickdraw pocket on the front of the wallet. On the quickdraw pocket, there's a slot cutout that reduces weight and lets slide out your card with a push of the thumb so it's readily available when you need it. All this in a form factor that will protect your cards from any prying ne’er-do-wells.

The Dash Access also has a build quality to match its tough RFID protection. It’s made of a durable microfiber canvas that's more weather-resistant than real leather, so you can keep your eco-friendly conscious clear.

The Kickstarter campaign is already funded and promises to bring this sleek wallet to backers by June of 2017. If you’re looking for a new wallet or want to upgrade your current one, check out the Dash Access Bifold via the link below.

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