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Blue Ridge Knives Avispa

Ed Jelley
Blue Ridge Knives Avispa

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A large EDC knife doesn't always have to mean a large purchase. Blue Ridge Knives, with design help from ESEE, put out some excellent knives for your everyday carry at a price point within reach. The Avispa is their larger option, perfect for those of you looking to get more blade for your buck.

For a budget knife, the Avispa comes complete with an impressive set of features and materials: AUS-8 steel, a stainless steel framelock, and G10 on the scale for durability, grip, and light weight. Materials aside, its utilitarian design makes it well-suited for daily carry both deployed and closed. The blade flicks open via dual thumbstuds, revealing a 3.5” long plain edge blade with no-nonsense drop point geometry for all-around tasks. When closed, it rides slim and secure in your pocket thanks to its four way configurable pocket clip. Finally, a lanyard hole on the back rounds out your carry options.

You can grab an Avispa for your everyday carry at the link below. For even more budget EDC knife options, check out our guide to the 10 Best EDC Knives Under $50 too.

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International Man Of Myst ·
I'm not sure I'd classify a 3.5" blade as large..
International Man Of Myst ·
I forgot to mention - frame locks are not left-handed friendly...
Taylor ·
Huh, looks very similar in design to the Ontario Rat, with just a different blade design, even with the same blade material. It seems like this would be an interesting pick if you preferred that blade design and G-10 scales.
SilveradoTX ·
The reason for the similarity is ESEE/Randal's Adventure & Training. They formerly worked with Ontario, thus the RAT Model 1 & 2.
The BRK ESEE Avispa and Ontario RAT Model 1 are definitely cousins.
SilveradoTX ·
I've had one for a while now, and it's a good, reliable knife. I've actually shaved with mine a few times.