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Bellroy Key Cover

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Bellroy Key Cover

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Quick EDC quiz: What do your keys and your EDC wallet have in common? If you guessed that they're both some of the most important daily essentials, you'd be right… But unfortunately, they're also some of the trickiest to carry. So it makes sense that after mastering the art of stashing cards, cash, and coins with their expansive collection of minimalist wallets, Bellroy's got their sights set on the next carry conundrum: your keychain. Their Leather Key Cover is like a mix between a leather wallet and a swiveling key organizer, and it's as functional as it is elegant.

The way your keys load into the Key Cover is similar to the more common metal plate key organizers out there, but the setup is much more convenient. Up to 4 keys on the standard sized cover (or up to 8 keys on the larger Plus version) loop through an integrated elastic “keeper.” The keeper's design avoids the hassle of fussing with tiny screws and posts, and also adds a bit of give and travel when swiveling your keys out.

For a quiet and protected carry, your keys take cover inside a “bifold” design that snaps shut magnetically. Like most of Bellroy's wallets, the Key Covers are made with a high quality veg tan leather (in three different colors). On the outside, there's a leather loop for attaching a car fob (or maybe a split ring loaded with useful keychain gear). The result is lightweight, neatly organized key setup that carries comfortably in the pocket and won't scratch up the rest of your kit.

You can pick up a Key Cover in in two sizes and three colors over at Bellroy's shop at the link below.

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Michael ·
While Jason is right about how cool his grandfather's leather folding wallet is (I inherited a few of them from my grandfather as well), I love my Bellroy key cover. I have the bigger of the two models and carry 5 keys (they claim that it fits 8) in a space less than half of Jason's leather folding key wallets. No pocket bulge, no key noise, and all of the keys are easily accessed. If the leather wears badly or the wallet falls apart on me, I'll post back here, but right now I think that it's great
Jason Evans ·
um, my grandfather carried like 8 keys in a little leather folding wallet with a snap. they were flat and it worked perfectly. this is nothing special.