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Stan Jones
Lincoln, Nebraska
The holiday season is coming up, as is the wedding, so I decided to button down and finally get an EDC notebook and leather notebook case to document all of the little things I forget throughout the day (Such as gifts, last-minute invites, random stuff around the house I need to fix up and get ready before the big day). The Hitch and Timber Notebook Caddy is a really awesome product that I can definitely stand behind, from carrying my slipjoints and fountain pens when I'm out and about to just carrying a couple of pens at work, it's definitely a durable little notebook case that I'm looking forward to carrying for years to come.

Other than that, I haven't really added that much to my collection in the past couple months.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. Enjoy it responsibly.

Cheers, Stan

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J.S. Leonard ·
Love those Northwoods! Carry my Michigan Jack Blue Camel Bone #12 daily. It's got a great patina and character now.
Barry Bell ·
Fountain pen looks more clear than orange!!
Stan Jones ·
Yeah it's clear. Sorry about that! Uploading on mobile sites is a pain sometimes.
Robert Ford ·
Just beautiful.
Isaiah ·
Great and classy EDC, very respectable and useful. Congratulations on the big day brother may God bless your marriage for years to come.
Pan Zlo ·
I like Your Seiko ;)
nice watch&Northfield

fixed it.
Stan Jones ·
Thank you! I'm loving the Burnside jack so far.
J.S. Leonard ·
They grow on ya. Wait till the addiction starts and KSF is all you are constantly looking at and searching.
Stan Jones ·
Ever since I saw the 'Northwood Steve' on GEC's website, I've been scouring their website daily for updates. I already have the sickness.