Well used budget EDC

Watseka, IL
This is essentially my first EDC I put together several years ago, with some minor changes along the way. It's not pretty, and nothing is carried "just for show". Everything here gets used practically on a daily basis. I will be upgrading the knife and flashlight soon, just because I can!

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Go Hawks! How do you like the wave Leatherman? I am stuck between that one and the Skeletool.
Even though the Wave has tools/functions I rarely use, it's nice to know I have them available. The saw and the file have both come in handy recently. I think it's their best compromise of function vs. size. I carried a Wingman for a while trying to lighten things up, but found it's tool quality lacking. Still, the pliers and the screwdriver are the two most used functions, and with the larger blade on the Skeletool you could forego carrying a separate EDC knife if going minimal is your thing. Just depends on your needs. If it's your first Leatherman purchase, I'd say spend the extra and get the Wave, you won't be disappointed.
Whichever one you get, do yourself a favor and get some Rem Oil, put a few drops on every pivot point and work all the tools in and out, especially the pivot points on the handle at the plier head. Leathermans are notoriously stiff when new and annoying at first when opening or accessing the smaller tools. Do this repeatedly over the first couple of weeks you have it and soon it will be super smooth. You really can't go wrong with a Leatherman, I've had my Wave nearly 10 years, broken it twice and Leatherman fixed it free both times. I'll never buy another brand of multitool.
Go Hawks! I think this year Lord Stanley makes summer vacation plans in Chicago again!
very nice collection... very practical.
just enough & perfect
Thanks! I don't see myself adding anything else in, just upgrading what I carry now. Only thing I might add is a changeable bit precision screwdriver, but I haven't found one that stores the bits in a way that I like or of sufficient quality.
yeah those are surprisingly hard to get in a convenient & handy size, at least a good quality one.
I noticed that Wal-Mart's holiday Kershaw Knife set has the Kershaw TX tool in it. Never seen it before, but I like that it stores the bits in the handle. Amazon reviews point out the bits themselves are of dubious quality, but I like the driver. It's a bit smaller around than my Streamlight Microstream, so it should fit in the side loop of my Leatherman sheath.