The Best TSA Approved Multi-Tools for Travel

The Best TSA Approved Multi-Tools for Travel

Traveling through airports never goes as smoothly as you'd hope to begin with, but getting your favorite multi-tool confiscated by security could be the unwelcome cherry on top. Still, multi-tools are some of the most versatile items you can carry, and going anywhere without one can leave you feeling woefully unequipped. Your best bet is to have a small TSA-friendly multi-tool for when you travel (even better, one you'd find useful even when you aren't). In this guide, we've rounded up 10 EDC tools designed to fly with you this travel season.

How to avoid getting your tools getting confiscated by security

One travel hack that works for some Everyday Carry members to avoid getting your multi-tool taken away is to open up all the tools and place it in the change tray.

If that doesn’t do the trick, another quick tip is to pack an envelope with pre-paid postage. That way, if you run into any problems, you can avoid confiscation by mailing it home or to a friend instead.

To avoid that situation altogether, here are some of the best TSA-friendly tools that you can take with you on your next trip.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that a TSA agent’s main priority is safety. If they feel like anything you have can be used as a weapon, it’s their job to make sure that doesn’t make it onto a plane. Keep in mind that that's ultimately up to the officer's discretion. That said, these tools are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations.

10 TSA Compliant Tools to EDC

Griffin Pocket Tool

Sometimes a simple design is the most useful. The Griffin Pocket Tool is a prime example of this with a precisely cut unibody design that gives you a few handy tools. If you really want to kill two birds with one stone, you can also use it as a suspension hook to carry your keys without the pocket bulge. You’ll have a screwdriver, wrench, bottle opener, and pry tool right in your pocket. You can choose between brass, titanium, or stainless steel depending on which fits best with your carry.

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Victorinox Jetsetter 3

The iconic design of the Jetsetter makes it instantly recognizable and the name isn’t the only thing that shows it was designed for travel. You’re unlikely to come across a TSA-agent that's unfamiliar with a Swiss Army Knife. You won’t find any blades here for obvious reasons, but unless toothpicks are suddenly dangerous you shouldn’t have any problems getting this little useful tool through security. Instead, you get sturdy scissors and a screwdriver/bottle opener.

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Leatherman Style PS

Leatherman has plenty of tools to choose from, but the Style PS is the way to go if you’re going through airport security. Unfold it to reveal a Phillips screwdriver, scissors, and a pair of spring-action needle nose pliers that are surprisingly useful for their size. The stainless steel build can handle being tossed around, and it has a built-in carabiner so you can attach it to your bag if your pockets are full. At 0.3 ounces, you won’t even notice it’s there.

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NiteIze DooHicKey

The DooHicKey is one of those tools that might not even look like a tool to most. Look a little closer and you’ll find a discreet piece of stainless steel with seven useful tools hiding in plain sight. Whether you keep this on your belt loop or the bottom of a bag, the DooHicKey is one of those tools you don’t realize you need until you have it.

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Gerber Shard

One of the most recommended and most carried pocket tools on our site is the Gerber Shard. Its small size and lack of blades makes it perfect for airline travel but gives you plenty of the functionality of a larger multi-tool. A wire stripper, flathead driver, and bottle opener are crammed into this small tool that can easily fit in your pocket. You can also wrap the handle in your favorite color paracord to add style and a little extra practicality.

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Gerber Dime Travel

The Gerber Dime is an EDC classic for a reason. You have access to ten tools including scissors and the ever-useful needlenose pliers right on your keychain. The Dime can handle annoying travel inconveniences with ease and makes a great travel buddy at under 3” in length.

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BigIDesign TPT

The Titanium Pocket Tool from BigiDesign is one of those new breed of boxcutters. But instead of a utility blade, the TPT comes equipped with a finger-safe tape opener that doubles as a camping fork if you find yourself eating on the go. Its Grade 5 Titanium build makes it strong enough for prying or twisting, but it’s small enough to fit in the coin pocket of your jeans. For a discreet way to carry a screwdriver, pry bar, bottle opener, and more, make sure to check out the TPT.



If you’re trying to minimize the amount of items in your pocket, the CRKT Viva might be the tool for you. It hooks onto your belt or bag loop and stays out of your way until you need it. It measures only 4” in length but still manages to fit screwdriver and wrench functionality in your pocket. Its stainless steel construction makes it reliable when getting from point A to point B.

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SOG PowerLock Traveler

Not all travel tools need to sacrifice size. Case in point: the SOG PowerLock Traveler. This durable multi-tool was made with no compromises. You'll get high-powered Compound Leverage pliers, screw drivers, a can opener, a wire cutter, and more in a stainless steel tool that'll keep you prepared for anything.

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Zootility Tools Wildcard

There’s no easier way to carry something than to put it in your wallet. The Zootility Wildcard takes advantage of this and fits a pry bar, small blade, bottle opener, and more in a form factor that you can slide into your wallet. Once you’re done traveling you can still find use for this slick tool by attaching a locking blade for more robust cutting jobs.

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Do you have any travel hacks you'd recommend to anyone looking to bring a multi-tool on a trip? Make sure to share it in the comments below!

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When i flew from Stockholm (Sweden) to (Estonia) to last spring they took my Leatherman Style PS. The security guard told me that they do not allow anything that can be mistaken for knifes, that it is TSA approved do not count in EU. I had a Victorinox in my checked luggage so i had some EDC when i arrived. Please EVERYDAY CARRY, make a remark that it is up to the security in every single case who has the last word on what you can bring aboard. I reccomend that you would check in everything you do not care to loose.
The goon was right about TSA rules not applying.

I cannot post a link here but if you search you can find the EU list of prohibited carry on objects. They say nothing about something that looks like a knife, so I think he was wrong to confiscate your tool. It illustrates that the implementation is not always consistent.
I bought myself a new one and learned to check in evrytthing i want to keep.
If you are in the U.K. Then these may not be approved. I checked with them on the Leatherman and they said no.

They said they work to different rules to the TSA.
why? it's belongs to weapon?
I was told that they class it as a tool and therefore can only go in hold luggage. At the end of the day it is the agent in front of you that makes the final decision but not worth the risk.
That's why we need hand to hand combat
They do use different rules (search and ye may find).

These prohibit "Workmen's tools", including "tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cm capable of use as a weapon, such as screwdrivers and chisels,". Whether the Leatherman fails that is debatable. which makes it risky to carry.

I have had no trouble with the smaller Travel Dime.
That is why, if i will travel by air again i will only keep some small and simple one piece multitool that mostly looks like a bottle opener on my keychain.
You forgot to include the Swiss Tech UtiliKey. I clip mine to a key ring along with the DoohicKey and a bunch of house keys. No problems with security.
Some items mentioned here are allowed internationally. I have a doohickey key Style stainless steel not mentioned here. It has a box opener, a flat head acrew driver, a cutter disguised in a very good way. It gets me through all over the world.
I have jury duty in a few days. Going with just a Doohickey on my key ring is going to feel like walking around the streets naked. But, it's better than nothing..
Don't even try to bring those on. Seriously...the TSA confiscates everything imaginable...even kid's GI Joe action figures holding a 2 inch plastic toy gun. They'll confiscate your eyes if you even look at them wrong.
Sounds like too much power for those with not enough brain power!
As a heads up, the TSA confiscated my Leatherman Style PS at the airport this past week :\ Their site says: "Scissors - Metal with pointed tips and a blade length greater than four inches measured from the fulcrum are not allowed." so I WAS in the clear but the idiots gathered a group of 4 agents and they all pretty much said "We can't let you through with that so it's up to you, miss your flight or leave it with us" So I didn't want to argue to end up in some room just to miss my flight :\
It is definitely hit or miss.

I've been pretty lucky with my Style PS. In the past few years it's only come up twice. I just tell them it has no knife and they inspect it and hand it back to me. I used to clip it to the outside of my bag and point it out as it goes through and they appreciated it.

There was one time where an agent was about to confiscate it but a different agent came by and explained "it's the one without a knife" to the guy and they gave it back to me.
Approved by who, some mindless bureaucrat?

Maybe people ought to stop flying and speaking out about why. Security theater is worse than no security
Not true. They confiscate everything depending on mood. In Hong Kong they confiscated my extremely tiny hygienic scissors, which I used on my nose(sorry). The scissors blades were less than 1 cm(around 8 mm). And in Philippines they even confiscated my electric socket extension cord(I have no idea what TSA laws it broke).
I too had similar experience at Philippines with a narrow-pointed bottle opener. I protested, and they demonstrated that it could rip out my carotid artery. What kind of life are they having?
Just an FYI - This list is about TSA approved items. TSA is only in the US.
I check even the "tsa safe" items. I'm not risking any of it getting taken away
If the packaging says TSA approved keep your tool in it to save the explanation.
Yes , it forbiden by some state law
I had them confiscate a plastic, and very malleable, samurai sword from my Power Rangers toy. I would not trust them with allowing anything through. I'll just pack my items and feel naked until I get to my destination. I might try a Shard or Do Hickey. But, that's about it.
*Toy when I was a child! Haha.
I travel (in Europe) with a couple of small multitools on my key ring, but I really miss a pair of scissors, and would like pliers too, so have a Gerber Travel inbound. It is scheduled to arrive on Saturday and will probably be in the hands of Schiphol's job creation team by 9am on Monday.
Four European flights later and the Travel Dime is still with me. Never been picked out on scan, was found during a hand check on something else, but quickly accepted after I pointed out the "travel" name and started opening it out.
A dozen more flights, and I still have the Travel Dime. Picked out on a scan once but, as on the other occasion, it was quickly passed.
All cool stuff, but in most european countries not of these things will make it to a plane.. i've seen them take paper nailfiles of people so i doubt they will allow anything with a metal one. Also, screwdrivers are not allowed.
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