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Leatherman Wave

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Everyday Carry
Leatherman Wave

If there's one tried-and-true multi-tool to round out your everyday carry, it'd be the Leatherman Wave. Hundreds of EDCers carry one and swear by it. And since its debut, the Wave set the standard for full-sized multi-tools with its enduring, butterfly-style design. It packs a whole lot of tools into the Wave's heavy-duty frame, letting you carry a toolbox's worth of functions without weighing you down. Even better, the Wave lets you get to its important functions quickly and easily, making it one of the handiest tools to have within arm's reach.

There's no job you can't do with the Wave's 17 functions. Front and center are the Wave's signature pliers, which lets you use needle-nose, regular grooves, and even wire cutters in the same design. Within its “wings” are a pair of 420HC locking blades, both of which can be deployed one-handed and plain or serrated depending on your needs. These blades lie alongside a saw and double-sided file for extra cutting and finishing power.

At the end of the Wave's handles are the rest of its fold-out tools, which include a variety of drivers, openers, and even a pair of spring-action scissors to cover all your bases. Even with all this functionality and hardy construction, Leatherman stands by their flagship multitool with a 25-year warranty, making sure you're never without an effective everyday carry.

Carry the one tool you need to get the job done. Pick up Leatherman's iconic multitool as a gift or for yourself at the link below.


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I disagree. After 43 years carrying one, I'd say the most useful multitool to always carry is a SAK. I've rebuilt carburetors, shaved, everything with one.
What particular SAK do you carry Britt?
Well, I have a midnight manager in my keychain, a rambler in my back pocket, and sometimes add a Tinker, Voyager, or Explorer as well about my person.
Jeremy Wellbaum ·
I'm partial to the Surge. I'm on my second one (first one still works, but was left outside and the blades are rusty). I need the extra heft for my large hands, and the scissors are better on the Surge.
Hunter Davis ·
I'm partial to the rebar personally and I've always ALWAYS gotta have my SAK on person as well
Mike Renna ·
I'm new here and the variety of just the Leatherman products is daunting (at least to me). Is there a page with a gris that lists all the leathermans on 1 side and all the different tools on the another side. and a check mark where the 2 lines cross.

I love the Wave! It has been my go-to since 2003. I bought the new model last year and don't like it as much as my original, especially the scissors. But I always have one of them within my reach, lunge or grasp.
Peter Burnett ·
Lost my original leatherman and bought the Wave to replace it. Loving the Wave so much I feel naked without it.