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StatGear TriTac EDC Pen

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StatGear TriTac EDC Pen

For plenty of us, jotting down notes and making quick cuts here and there are all in a day's work. If you're spending time switching between a tactical pen and your EDC knife, take a look at the TriTac EDC Pen on Kickstarter. It gives the word “penknife” a whole new meaning, integrating a small blade (and a punch) into its tactical pen form factor.

The knife in the TriTac is a folding sub-2" 440C stainless steel blade located at the tip of the pen. It's ideal for light utility work such as opening letters and boxes. Because it's at the tip, you can use the body of the pen for extra leverage and grip despite the blade's small size. You'll also find a tungsten carbide glass breaker on this tip when the knife is closed, which can come in handy in an emergency.

It's a capable pen as well, using the versatile Fisher Space Pen cartridge for reliable, write-anywhere performance. A nifty bolt-action mechanism exposes and retracts the tip for writing. It's intuitive and fun, and you just might find yourself activating it just to fidget around a bit.

This unique pen is available to you in both lightweight aluminum and titanium on its fully-funded Kickstarter. Go ahead, take a look, and make a pledge to get one of your own at the link below.

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White Knight ·
Most certainly a chunky monkey. Fisher, tick, blade, tick, carbide tip, tickish, The knurled wheel to operate looks ok but I'd prefer a smoother option. May catch in pocket or break off. but hopefully as strong as Arnie.