Everyday Carry - Architect - 40 yo - Ecuador South America

Architect (age 43)
It´s been for a while in the back of my mind making my “Everyday Carry” from how much I like watching its post and because how much it inspires me to imagine the lives and adventures of their carriers.
It´s been a pleasant surprise finally making mine; and finally realizing “this is me”. How we usually overlook our everyday carry without realizing how meaningful it is of our lives. How much meaning we carry in all that objects.
Yes, we all want to look cool with what we carry; (and I have to admit I had borrow some ideas from EDC) but doing this I realize its value is way deeper. It says so much about us, what is our circumstance, our story, our choices, our search in life, our individual way of seeing things.
Thanks for the chance of sharing this. Hoping to do another one maybe in a year for now to check how much it changes :)

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