Office and some basic outdoor needs.

Since I like to go to the woods my EDC includes items that I can use both in the office and on the outdoors. In my wallet I carry duct tape, emergency contact card and more bandages.

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I was intrigued by the Chawley too, so I went to their site to check it out. Very impressive, so I made a purchase to try it out. This isn't designed to have huge capacity; it only holds just enough coins to ensure that you can provide exact change for any purchase, and if you're low on change, then it will have enough room to accept whatever change you get back. Well, except like if they give you a fifty-cent piece, a couple dollars in quarters, or ten dimes, etc; but as he says on his site, that's rare.

The thing I like about this design is that it appears well-designed and well-built, thin and ergonomic such that it may still be fast and easy to deploy from a busy pocket with keys, wallet, pocket knife/multi-tool, and spare magazine all sharing space and not require me to dump half my EDC on the counter just to get rid of 4 pennies. Y'know, people get a bit nervous when you plop a 9mm magazine full of hollow-points on the counter at a 7-Eleven while fumbling for money to pay for that Diet Mountain Dew...gee, I wonder why?

Anyway, I'll try anything that might help me reduce pocket clutter and not scare convenience store clerks all across my state. :) Maybe I'll get better at using some of my change on a day-to-day basis and get rid of that coffee can in the kitchen. Or achieve my dream of moving my pocket change to my support-hand pocket and make room for a pocket gun in my strong-hand pocket.

Looking forward to getting this.
I can't agree more Stentorian. The main reason why I got the Chawley Coin dispenser is to avoid loose coins in my pockets. I am also going back to use more cash transactions than cards so this item allows to have a decent amount of change. I also don't like keeping coins in my wallet because it adds bulk and I dislike dinging through small wallet compartments to see if I even have enough. With the Chawley I can keep it nice and organized, I know what I have at all times, and it doesn't creates uncomfortable bulk in my pocket. It really is a great item to have. Plus the construction is pretty solid in my opinion. I got one for my wife as well since she is always digging her wallet for coins.
So a followup: I've had my Chawley for just about a week now, and it's even better than I had hoped. Superbly well-built and super FAST to deploy for both getting and giving change!

I got the one with the built-in keychain thingie, and it turns out that was a great decision. At first I didn't hook it to my keychain, preferring to just drop it into my front pocket, but then I was having to empty my pocket just to find the Chawley, because it would end up between my wallet and leg or under my wallet, etc. I could see myself not using it if it's too hard to find in my pocket, so I decided to try attaching it to my keychain, which is already attached to WAY too much stuff (key fobs, flashlight, housekey organizer, etc). I felt like I was making the keychain issue WORSE by doing this, but with my first cash purchase, I realized that this was the better way. Now I can deploy the Chawley by just pulling anything out of my pocket. Yeah, it's too much stuff, but now the Chawley comes out with the keys and I can get or give change really quickly.

So now that it's fast to deploy and fast to use, the Chawley has already got me changing my habits (pun only slightly intended...) and paying with exact change more often than I ever did in the past.

THAT is how to declutter; make it such a small habit that it becomes a daily habit. Now while I have the coffee can full of change in the kitchen, I load the Chawley in the morning so I start off with it full. But when the coffee can is empty one day in a hundred years, I won't have to do that because transactions will be self managing. As long as I keep using the Chawley with each cash transaction, I'll never again end up with tons of change to be dumped into a coffee can at the end of the day. And consequently, I'll never have a big coffee can of filthy coins taking up space and getting ignored in the place where I prepare food.

Chawley - highly recommended. Buy more than one and spend the extra on the keychain version. You can always remove the little chain if you don't need it.
Another followup. Still going very well. Almost everyday I get at least one comment about how fast I can deploy and make or receive change at a cash register. This is one of the smartest purchases I've ever made.
I totally agree. Now I know I will always have coins for when my kids want some candy from the vending machines too. :)
My original Chawley is still going strong. I have 2 spares and haven't needed to use them yet. And I eliminated the coffee can of coins sometime toward the end of summer...almost a year ago.
Mad props on the coin dispenser!