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Hazard4 Sidewinder Sling Pack

Mikey Bautista
Hazard4 Sidewinder Sling Pack

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What gear you should carry every day is usually only half the battle—it's *how* you carry it all that can be tough. Sometimes, there's no better way to do it than with a capable everyday bag. The Hazard 4 Sidewinder Sling is one solid option, with a durable build and plenty of easy-access compartments to manage your entire EDC.

For starters, the padded sling strap keeps your gear right at your fingertips. Unlike a backpack where you would have to take it off completely to get to your stuff, you can swing the Sidewinder around to immediately access its main compartments. This includes a padded rear compartment that can fit up to most 15” laptops and a 20L main compartment for the rest of your gear. There's also a flip-down shelf pocket with divided compartments that you can access while the Sidewinder rests at your chest, letting you have quick access to your smaller essentials without ever having to take off the bag.

Of course, this is a tactical bag, meaning tough materials all around. For example, the Sidewinder's exterior uses rugged 1000D/500D Cordura fabric, combined with water-repellent polyurethane for extra weather resistance. MOLLE-compatible webbing lets you expand or attach additional gear as needed, and you can adjust the Sidewinder to match your load thanks to its compression and stabilizer straps.

Still having trouble managing your everyday carry? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a more capable bag that can match the needs and pace of your day. Pick up Hazard 4's Sidewinder Sling Pack from Amazon at the link below.

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Gerald Villaflores ·
I've had mine for about a year. It's a very good computer bag. I picked this up because I'm used to having messenger bags for commuting it made it easy to swing the bag to the front of my body when needed. The only con I see to the bag is having too much weight. It strained my left shoulder carrying the bag for long periods of time. It worked best commuting to and from work not having to carry all day.
Efrain Suarez II ·
I've wanted a H4 anything for quite some time. I've never pulled the trigger tho. They appear to be a quality product. One day...That said, I am very much in lust with my 511 Rush 72 and it's smaller brethren The Moab 10, which is a sling. In regards Gerald V., I believe its a universal issue with all slings. Not the best for weight distribution. I've had the same pain with it and I am guilty for packing it, at times, too heavily. Another top contender is Vanquest Gear. Top quality products. Great article Mikey, thank you.