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Orient Flight Watch

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Orient Flight Watch

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One place you'll be sure to find precise timekeeping equipment is in a cockpit. Now, chances are you aren't manning jets or taking on critical missions every day. But that doesn't mean there's no place for a classic pilot's watch (and all the functionality that comes with it) in your everyday carry. Orient's known for producing some of the best automatic watches for your buck, and their Flight watch is no exception.

Orient doesn't try to fix what isn't broken with the design on their Flight watch. It stays true to the classic “Type B” configuration, featuring a triangular marker at 12 o'clock, large Arabic numerals at 5 minute intervals, unobtrusive hour markers, and unambiguous sword hands. A larger 42mm case, lume, and date window round out the face of the watch. The result is uncompromising, no-frills legibility for easy time-telling at a glance.

It's one thing for your watch to be legible, but it won't mean much if it isn't reliably accurate as well. Orient does it with the Flight in its materials and movement. It's automatic, meaning it doesn't need a battery to maintain a power reserve to keep the time, and its stainless steel construction means it's rugged enough for every day on your wrist.

A precise watch is an effective watch, and the perfect co-pilot for your EDC. Pick up the Orient Flight from Amazon at the link below.

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