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Fenix UC02SS Rechargeable Mini Keychain Light

Mikey Bautista
Fenix UC02SS Rechargeable Mini Keychain Light

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The best light is the one you have with you. Size, convenience, and handy features sometimes beat even the best flashlight specs on paper. Fenix's new UC02SS not only fits the bill as a handy pocket flashlight, but one with features in its tiny frame that make it a surprisingly capable EDC light.

The UC02SS can produce up to 130 lumens of light with a simple twist of its head. Considering its 1.7” size, it puts a lot of its bigger brothers to shame. And just because it's small doesn't mean the light isn't tough enough for everyday use: stainless steel construction gives it a hardy shell, and IP68-rated water- and dustproofing means it's ready for every activity both indoors and out.

The UC02SS can ride neatly on your keychain, but it also comes with a lanyard should you want additional options for carry—and why not, since it's got the look for a sleek pendant. While it does use an uncommon 10180 Li-ion cell, the fact that it's shorter than even a AAA battery plays a big role in achieving such a compact form factor. The best part: you can easily recharge the 10180 battery it comes with thanks to its micro USB charging port, powering it up with an external battery pack or laptop so it's always ready to go.

Add some power to your pocket and never get caught in the dark—you can pick up the Fenix UC02SS in blue or yellow from the Amazon link below. For more color options in a lighter weight aluminum finish and a lower price, check out the standard Fenix UC02 model too.

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what is the pocket knife behind the light?
Mohammed M ·
Looks like a Boker plus Tech-Tool City . Not sure of the exact model
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Bruce Maczko ·
Cool little light!