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Boker Plus Toucan

Mikey Bautista
Boker Plus Toucan

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If you're looking to get more done with fewer things in your pockets, a solid multi-tool is your best bet. “One-piece” tools are especially good at consolidating your carry because they give you plenty of functionality despite their small size and simplicity. The Boker Plus Toucan boasts that kind of performance but edges out the rest with an integrated neck knife in a conveniently pocket-sized design.

The Toucan wasn't designed to simply look like one—in the hand, it's ergonomically shaped for a proper grip when using its 1” long, 440C stainless steel blade edge. The two curves towards the bottom allow a two-finger grip, while jimping along the top of the “beak” give added control.

Behind the “head,” you'll find the rest of its functions as a multi-tool. That includes a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, nail puller and pry bar. They're all usable even in the Toucan's included Kydex sheath, which protects the edge and makes the tool easy to carry on your EDC keychain or on a lanyard like a traditional neck knife.

Whether you need something opened, cut, or driven, this bird's got you covered. Pick up the Boker Plus Toucan at the Amazon link below.

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Efrain Suarez II ·
I love these things, functional or not (some really aren't), it's cool. Add another one to my cable ring!
Caleb Townsend ·
looks more like a fish rather than a toucan