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Giveaway: Work Sharp Sharpeners

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Everyday Carry
Giveaway: Work Sharp Sharpeners

Update: Congrats to Ron G and Barclay M, winners of this week's giveaway!

A dull knife is a useless (and dangerous) knife. These tools are at their best when they're in hair-popping shape, and with a little maintenance with the right tools, you can keep yours in top condition for a lifetime. The best part? We've got some great sharpeners on hand, and we're giving them away for free!

This week, we're giving two lucky readers a sharpening system each, brought to you by our sponsor, Work Sharp. They've been in the business of keeping an edge for over 40 years, making some of the industry-leading sharpening tools right in the USA.

The Prizes Up For Grabs

1st Prize: Ken Onion Knife and Tool Sharpener ($149.95 Value)

Work Sharp partnered with legendary knifemaker Ken Onion to develop the Ken Onion Edition Knife and Tool Sharpener, designed to sharpen every knife you own. It uses a fully-adjustable sharpening guide to produce precise edges from 15 to 30 degrees, with a variable speed motor and wide, flexible abrasive belts to handle every sharpening task.

2nd Prize: Guided Field Sharpener ($34.95 Value)

The Guided Field Sharpener is a complete knife and tool sharpener built ideal for field applications. It incorporates 5 stages of sharpening and honing, with built-in angle guides for a consistent bevel across the entire blade. This includes 2 diamond plates, 2 ceramic rods, and a leather strop for a comprehensive sharpening system.

How to Enter

We're running the giveaway here on the site for a week, until 12:00pm EST on Friday, January 13th. Make sure you're logged in, and find the full details and entry requirements by clicking on the button below. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

This contest has ended.

This contest is sponsored by Work Sharp.

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Had trouble w/ the tell a friend part...
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Nice! Can we just skip all the formalities and I'll give you my shipping address now? :)