Winter EDC

Thanh Nguyen
Hanoi, Viet Nam

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Cool setup. If you could describe the biner/keychain and also identify the bracelet, that would be great.
Thanh Nguyen ·
Thanks you!
The biner/keychain made from veg tan leather and the beacelet made from veg tan leather and silver. I was made both it.
Tor Kristian Wikstrm ·
Lack of guides for some items...
Thanh Nguyen ·
Sorry Sir, now i can't update or edit.
Gledders ·
Hi is that a Midori Travellers Notebook hiding at the back? I love those things.
Thanh Nguyen ·
That is same thing but it is homemade.
Ricky ·
Is that a beard comb ? If so where from and the sheath?
Thanh Nguyen ·
No Sir, that is hair comb.
TexEx ·
HI Thanh, Great EDC and photo, was just in Hanoi recently, great city!
Thanh Nguyen ·
Thanks you!
Someday I hope to meet you in Hanoi. :D
Hey, Thanh, nice EDC setup.
Who makes the beard comb case that you have here?
Thanh Nguyen ·
Thanks you! I was made it.
David Bowerman ·
Can you indentify all the items in this EDC? Thanks.
Thanh Nguyen ·
OK Sir! I'll.
Thanh Nguyen ·
Sorry Sir! I can't edit tag of my photo.
I have some trouble when "Add an item..." to my photo.
Thanh Nguyen ·
Nice setup. Like the addition of the shackle to the carabiner to hold your keys!
JasonKazee ·
I'm living in Vietnam too, Where could we buy comb like that from?