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Lamy LX Fountain Pen

Ed Jelley
Lamy LX Fountain Pen

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If you're going to commit a thought to paper, every word you write should feel important. When you use a fountain pen, they do—whether they're crucial notes for a project or just a simple shopping list. In the EDC crowd, Lamy fountain pens are a favorite for their minimal designs and quality performance. The new Lamy LX (as in, “luxe”) series is based on their tried-and-true Al-Star aluminum fountain pen, but swaps in premium metal hardware for a more polished EDC option.

Everything that makes the aluminum version of the pen great is still there, like the triangular grip that promotes proper hand positioning while writing and a reliable ink cartridge/converter filling system. And while the LX stays true to Lamy's minimalist style, it has a few special details that lend to its refined look. The LX ditches plastic accents for precious metal plated ones. The nib has a bit more decoration on it, including laser engraving for visual flair, and PVD coating for extra durability. The pen comes with a single blue cartridge to write with out of the box, but you can pick up a converter to use any bottled ink you want.

If gold isn't your style, the LX is available in dark grey ruthenium, a bright silver palladium, and an attractive rose gold finish too. Each pen comes in a collectable aluminum tube that doubles as a pen stand for your desk. Grab a Lamy LX from Amazon at the link below.

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Ruan Kruger ·
I got a Lamy Safari in December, but had a slight problem. Has anyone else experienced leaking if you twisted the cartridge slightly when inserting it?
Doggo ·
Just got a Lamy Safari not too long ago and I'm loving it. Might commit to this a little later this year.