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I see Wera Tools i like.
Best tools! I love Wera, Knipex and Leatherman tools. Nothing there that can't be fixed with those.
Yes, those are realy great tools. But i have to say, when it comes to Pliers i like the ones from Wiha even more than Knipex.
Great idea for the leatherman squirt. I have one with a broken jaw that's getting modified like yours. Thanks!!!
Thanks, please share your result. :-)
Very nice technician-kit! Real-life, no-nonsense.Thanks for sharing...
like the cutter- great size&a quality item. nice tool cache.

Did you make the leather man side cutters out of a PS4? I think we call that item a box wrench here. It is usually a 3/8 and 7/16 nut driver and opens boxes and utility boxes.
Yes it's a PS4. Just cut an grinded off the plier jaws. Also I grinded the blade to the same shape a Victorinox Electrician has, to cut and strip wires.
Thanks! It has a 8.5mm 'square nut' driver (with integrated 1/4" hex driver) and the one with the little "wings" to open electrical cabinets.
What's the item between the LED Lenser and Motorola Moto G?
I don't know the english term for this. It's for opening electric cabinets. Originally had four different keys, I cut two of them because I don't need them.