Honoring Granddad (1907-1988) and his well used EDC


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nice with the Boker... nice, nice, nice. I got a bag full of them, there was a time I ebayed every one of them I saw. I have baboon hands so I stick with the four inchers.

This is truly awesome looking. Car you give us more details on the Skinner knife?
It was made in Solingen, Germany and dates to the 1950s as far as I can tell. 9.5" long with a 5" blade. Stag handle scales. Blade tang stamped 45 and Bower Imp. Solingen. Engraved blade says Original Buffalo Skinner. It is a small Bowie style. There are a lot of variants but if you google the above info there are lots of pics on the web.
A wonderful tribute to your grandad.
I have the same nesting brass driver set and it's amazing.
Agreed. I just recently received it from my Dad and really enjoy using it.
I have something very similar/identical from Ace Hardware... Weird and cool to see it online like this.