Urban Night v2

Dom Hemingway
Miami, FL
In this revision of my EDC I tried to focus on being able to carry the maximum amount of tools plus redundancies in a sole pocket while keeping costs low. I had lost my Leatherman C33tx and my Leatherman Tread, the latter due to faulty manufacturing which the screws would be loose and eventually led to it falling somewhere when I wasn't paying attention.I wasn't fond of the weight and bulk of the Tread and didn't find it comfortable to use and the loss of both items reasserted my need to have backups.

I started off with the wallet a leather one that could carry a number of tools I found this one on Amazon under teh vender Aonal for $8.99.It has 3 card slots, an ID window and a zipper for additional space. I wanted to use the zipper pocket space for my back up tools and such. I took into consideration formfactor and slim profile tools to manage to fit items 5-11 in said pocket.Having fit 7 tools in my wallet while keeping it slim through some tetris like compacting I was still left with 3 tools that I had to have on my side at all times or on keychain with my keys the flashlight,my Leatherman Squirt and the pen. My problem with this being that it made my keys look bulky and I hated putting them in my pocket. I then turned to Key fobs.I looked for one that could hold all 3 items without being cumbersome and easy to clasp or slip into my pocket if need be. The one I found fit my needs and made it easy to access what every primary tools I wanted.

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