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CRKT Amicus Compact

Ed Jelley
CRKT Amicus Compact

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Renowned knife maker Jesper Voxnaes teamed up with CKRT to design the original Amicus, a solid knife overall. The thing is, you may find it a little too big and heavy for everyday carry. Thankfully, the newer Amicus Compact comes in at a much more manageable size. It takes all the sturdiness and beefy design features that made the original Amicus great, then scales it down for a more compact carry.

The Amicus Compact isn’t just smaller, it’s lighter too. Instead of two steel handles, one is made of G10. This resin material is much lighter than steel and it's textured for better grip. Your pockets will appreciate the drop in weight too. The Compact comes in at just 3.8oz— just about half the weight of the original. The blade is scaled down from 3.4” to an EDC-friendly 3”. It’s a slightly different shape too, falling somewhere between a tanto and a drop point, ideal for a variety of slicing and piercing tasks. You still get the premium features and attention to detail seen in the larger knife including the framelock, grippy backspacer with lanyard hole, and inset pocket clip.

The CRKT Amicus Compact is a great knife for both fans of Jesper Voxnaes and those looking for a solid, yet budget-friendly blade. You can pick one up at the link below for right around thirty bucks.

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Dan Scotto ·
No left hand option. Sigh...
Darren Tong ·
I love these Voxnaes designs. This year's CRKT Batum is one I'm going to keep my eye on
drop point/tanto blade- check.
thumbhole rather than button- check.
lanyard hole- definitely check.
saint_shinobi ·
I hope they give the full size Amicus G-10 scales soon.
Jacob Roy ·
I want that!
Heather Williamson ·
Triple Point ® Serration edge version also available, according to CRKT video on Amazon which is my personal preference.
I just downsized from a ZT-350 with a 3 inch blade to a Quietcarry Strand so this one is a little big for my needs. Now having said that, for the price this looks to be a good knife. The blade steel is 8Cr13MoV and, while it's not as abrasion resistant as VG-10 let alone S30V, for the price it ain't too bad. Looks wise they could have gone with aluminum polished up like the stainless steel as opposed to the G-10 to made the scales similar but that's just my personal taste. In all, this looks like a good low cost knife.