February 2017 EDC

Bookseller (age 25)
Basel, Switzerland
As always, I try to keep my EDC as light (850g / 30oz) and minimalstic as possible, without having to sustain a loss in terms of functionality and looks.

I finally got my hands on a 'WE Knife' brand blade, namely the Model '617a', which features a D2 tool steel blade, G10 handles, ceramic ball bearing washers, as well as a titanium pocket clip, back spacer and hardware.

Therefore I had to ditch two knives; the trusty 'Ontario RAT 1' and my small 'Spyderco Ladybug', just to keep the weight to a minimum. (also to not to look like a psycho, carrying 5 blades on me at the same time)

I don't regret swapping out the 'Olight S10 Bataon' against the 'Olight i3E EOS' at all, because I find myself useing this small capable flashlight more often than it's bigger brother.

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