A Designer/Machinist's (Mostly) Titanium EDC

Trevor Hirschi
Northern Utah
After creating a company for CNC Machined Titanium Wedding Rings, I decided that I couldn't limit myself to making just one item. I design just about anything I think this world is missing. I also Machine for McWhinney Designs.

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Jesse Carlson ·
Are you willing to make another Titanium Keyport?
That spinner is awesome!
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice setup!
Trevor Hirschi ·
Thank you!
Justin Metcalf ·
OK, so that Ti propeller is what forced me to create an account. Do you sell the Ti items that you machine?
Trevor Hirschi ·
I do! Well, some of them anyways. The TiSpin Prop is pretty new so I don't have a price tag for it yet, but if you're interested let me know.
J.S. Leonard ·
I'm in. Let me know the when they are ready and the $$.
Justin Metcalf ·
I am very interested!
Trevor Hirschi ·
Price will be available very soon. Until then, I have a few more photos uploaded you can check out on my website (available in my profile page).
Trevor Hirschi ·
Gentlemen, please see the products page of my website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.