Winter EDC

Colder weather means the usual Glock 19 gets swapped for the trusty Glock 17. The rest remains consistent 99% of the time. Reliable firearm, spare magazines, quality medical, sturdy blade and all the lumens.

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Gotta ask. Why carry 45 +1 rounds as EDC? I've asked several this question and always get the "because" answer with no real response. I'm a retired USASOC (U.S. Army Special Operations Command) Soldier and 14 year LEO and now a Consultant. I just can't understand carrying 45+1 rounds as EDC. Maybe a spare mag if that but I carried 3 spare mags while deployed but never needed more than one. The national average is 3 rounds in 3 seconds at 3 feet. As a LEO I was involved in a deadly shooting with an armed individual on a traffic stop and only fired 8 rounds and about the same during combat while deployed. I'm not busting your balls but only attempting to understand the mentality. We have a saying on teams "The more you know, the less you carry". Have you been in a shooting where you dumped multiple mags in the past and now feel you need this load out? Again not trying to be an ass just asking.
It's actually more than that, 17+1 and three 17rnd spares. I carry it because it is the maximum that I can conceal with my body type and clothing. If I could find (and afford) an effective way to carry a fixed blade and a glock 26 as a backup I'd probably drop down to one or two spare mags. I had a close call some years back when the wife and I got in the middle (accidentally) of a rolling domestic dispute. This caused us to be the object of wrath for the rather large man who was chasing down a girlfriend. Thankfully, he failed to do serious harm, but he made it very clear he intended to finish the job at some point. I was unarmed at the time and I promised myself I would always do whatever I financially and physically could to protect my family. (Thanks to the local PD for giving my address to the guy in the accident report this is especially a concern) I appreciate your thoughtful question and I thank you for your service. Also If I may ask, why the question about three magazines but not about three tourniquets? Both are fairly unusual numbers in my experience. That said, I do know several other guys who carry multiples of both.
As for the tourniquets. I figured it was a given one is for you and the remainder was for others. I carry two myself for the same reason. I agree 3 is the most I've seen carried individually.
That's one reason, you also never know if one will be sufficient, even when applied properly. The wife carries a 19, knife and light. So one of my spare mags is to share with her since she can't carry one on body.
Love the RATS tourniquet and extra mags.
The numbers say medical is more likely to be needed than any defensive tool, yet many carry the less likely. My guess is they dont consider the medical as "cool". Glad someone else appreciates it as I do.
Yea man. I also forget it too often. I have one also. There is a guy named on John Lovell. You probably know him. He has a YouTube channel. He actually puts the tourniquet underneath his belt to be able to pull it out with either hand. I tried it and it works surprisingly well. I'm looking into Air Force Pararescue. The medical part is really intriguing me of late.
Ok I'll have to look him up. I used to carry that way but it messed with my draw. I now carry the RATS in a back pocket and the pocket dark in a front pocket. Cat goes in the other back pocket or a cargo pocket if I have one. That way I can get to one with either hand. You should look up dark Angel Medical. Lots of well thought out quality kits on their site. I need to get a medical class our under my belt but money is tight and I just got into the whole self defense thing two years ago.
Those are some heavy pockets!
Indeed, in total the carry weight is about 6.5lbs
A sturdy and well designed belt from snakeeatertactical.com makes it not feel too bad. Well worth it to me.
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