UVM Student's EDC

Eric Teel
Student (age 25)
Burlington, VT
My first crack at an EDC, let me know what you think

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Shonny T ·
I see a NiteIze DooHicKey, I upvote.
Nate X ·
Nice one! I also EDC a Leek occasionally (1660 or 1660CB), I never leave home without my Burt's Bees, I have the DooHicKey on my key ring, and I have, but don't always carry a gami-knife pro (similar to the Cardsharp2). Great first EDC, you'll refine it over the years of course, but you've got the idea!any suggestions?
Eric Teel ·
any suggestions?
Nate X ·
Just my humble opinion, but the spinner seems superfluous to me; but I have never had one, so it could be cool, I don't know. Get a few more knives, so you have options, and I am a fan of small, key ring attachments like the DooHicKey, PicoPen, and knives, lights and lighters that attach to a key chain, so I can carry really light. Overall, great EDC, like I said. Make it your own, and make it work for you.