UVM Student's EDC

Student (age 23)
Burlington, VT
My first crack at an EDC, let me know what you think

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I see a NiteIze DooHicKey, I upvote.
Nice one! I also EDC a Leek occasionally (1660 or 1660CB), I never leave home without my Burt's Bees, I have the DooHicKey on my key ring, and I have, but don't always carry a gami-knife pro (similar to the Cardsharp2). Great first EDC, you'll refine it over the years of course, but you've got the idea!any suggestions?
any suggestions?
Just my humble opinion, but the spinner seems superfluous to me; but I have never had one, so it could be cool, I don't know. Get a few more knives, so you have options, and I am a fan of small, key ring attachments like the DooHicKey, PicoPen, and knives, lights and lighters that attach to a key chain, so I can carry really light. Overall, great EDC, like I said. Make it your own, and make it work for you.