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Cha-O-Ha Cyclist Card

Mikey Bautista
Cha-O-Ha Cyclist Card

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When you're regularly commuting on your bike, the last thing you want is heavy pockets. You won't do yourself any favors by carrying bulky tools sticking out from your pockets and snagging on the people or vehicles you pass by. But you want to stay prepared, especially for bike-related emergencies. Cha-O-Ha's Cyclist Card fits over 40 functions onto a slim but incredibly strong profile, letting your slip a toolbox's worth of bike tools into your wallet.

From a tire pry to support for dozens of wrenches to drivers and even a bottle opener, the Cyclist Card has your needs covered. And thanks to its use of extra-strong S35VN stainless steel (instead of a lighter, but softer metal like titanium), it won't break during hard use despite its thin profile. You can also pick up a complementary Auxiliary Tool that lets you store and work with 1/4” bits. It attaches to the Cyclist Card for better grip and leverage, extending both its length and functionality.

No worries if you forget you're carrying the Cyclist Card in your wallet, either. Since it doesn't come with any edges and is under 4” long, it's fit for travel so you'll always have a multi-tool in your EDC.

Leave the bulky tools at home when you go on your next ride. There's plenty of time to back both the Cyclist Card and Auxiliary Tool at the Kickstarter link below.

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Christopher K ·
I just ordered mine. I'm the guy who filed a string cutter notch into my EDC card. Now all I need is a more interesting job so I can use it more....
Tyler ·
@Dillon, you can find the wallet on Koyono.com
Dillon Cannon ·
I know this is about the cyclist card. But I really want to know who makes that blue wallet.
Akio Crimson ·
What's that knife in the background?
Dillon Cannon ·
Microtech Ultratech Jedi Knight Special Edition ~$275 (if you can find one)