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Athens, Greece
Another site recon EDC here. The G26 carried appendix with the Eclipse is very comfy. The horizontal carrier by Bawidamann is very discreet. I use a G17 mag for those extra 7 rounds.

The Victorinox tool is kind of a novelty for me. I used the SAKs as a child and still want something Swiss on me to connect me with my childhood.

The picks and knuckles are use to gain access with the permission of the host company. The location is deserted and remote and they did not have the keys for everything. The knuckles I am told go in the regions of $600 as they are now collector items! I bought them direct back in the day for $80!!! The picks are by ITS tactical and they are excellent!

The Omega NATO strap is super expensive compared to others BUT it does not fray one bit, so it was worth it (plus the "Omega" laser engraving on the buckle is nice as well).

The Amazon Lightening cable is super durable and cheap. I used to go through one original Apple cable per month before I found those. The Mophie power-bank is light but the capacity is not great. It was free though and it is very light.

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