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Walter Wallet

Bernard Capulong
Walter Wallet

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In a crowded market of minimalist wallets, too many designs try to stand out with gimmicks, bells, and whistles. But most of the time, all you really want is a wallet that's simple and efficient. If you take one look at the Walter Wallet, it may not look the flashiest. That's because all its functionality—from quick card retrieval to cascading organization—hides discreetly in its sleek, minimalist design.

Its patented “stack and slide” system is what lets the Walter Wallet get so slim without sacrificing functionality. Instead of using bulky extra material to make dedicated card slots and internal pockets, the wallet organizes up to 7 of your cards into a cascading stack for easy retrieval. You can fan out your cards this way either by pushing the entire deck of cards with your thumb through the bottom thumb slot, or give the wallet a quick flick of the wrist, and let gravity do the rest. No levers, magnets, or ribbon tabs here. And by keeping your most frequently used card at the top of the deck, you can also use the thumb slot to slide out that single card for quick access. On the back side of the wallet, you'll find another slot for stashing twice folded bills.

This updated Walter Wallet also comes with customer feedback-driven improvements, like increased durability thanks to its slightly thicker build and screwed back construction. It's still made with fully recyclable plastic in 6 colors, making it a worthwhile non-leather wallet option. The Walter Wallet also comes in a raw aluminum version for even more lightweight durability and added RFID protection as well.

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Franklion ·
Interesting concept. They have videos on YouTube that demonstrates how it works. I don't know how carrying a chunk of metal in your pocket can be comfortable though. It's not your typical metal plates held with a silicone band type.
Connor ·
I checked this out on Amazon and I really like it, but I have a few questions that the product description didn't answer.
First, they say in the description "the patented stack and slide system is invisible from the outside, which means the mechanism is protected inside the casing." What mechanism are they referring to? I couldn't tell from any of the pictures.
Second, when you "flick your wrist" to deploy your cards, what keeps the cards from flying out of the wallet completely?
Bernard Capulong ·
The mechanism they're referring to is a spring-loaded bar housed inside the plastic casing that holds and loads the cards (that's why you have to push the cards down until you hear a click, which is loading the spring fully). The bar itself is cut with a staircase shape in the plastic so that when it pushes cards out, gravity drops them back into place on each step to make that cascaded effect. I believe the casing is designed so that cards are held mostly by friction + gravity, but holding it upside down and flicking it like crazy would probably pop the cards out. But for normal operation they should be pretty secure.
Connor ·
Thanks man, very helpful answer. Sorry for the late reply!