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I grabbed whatever edc items I could today because I was late for an appointment. This was the result. Kind of came together nicely.

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J Kyle ·
Trusty Fisher pen...Nice!
Julian ·
Yeah can't go wrong with the bullet pens!
dwhite ·
Good grab!! I just added that same Leek with the composite blade to my knife rotation.
Julian ·
Thanks! I loved the look of the composite blade online so I bought the knife but you can barely see the dividing line. It kinda sucks.
dwhite ·
I agree. I have the 1660CB on order (the same, but silver). We'll see how it looks in a few days.
What do you think of that Olight? I have other copper Olight lamps, but haven't picked that one up yet.
Julian ·
You probably will be good with the silver one because it'llbe easier to see the line. Dude I love the Olight. It's not the brightest and it only has one mode, but it's very light and small and it disappears in the pocket. The copper one is $20 but the rest of the colors of the same model are like $10. Very worth it.
Good choices they look like things Clark Kent/Superman would have in his EDC. I dig the Swiss Army knife.
Julian ·
Thanks. Best sak I have!
Julian ·
Thanks. Best sak I have!