A Few Of My Favorite.....

J.S. Leonard
These are a few of my folders that honestly get EDC'd regularly. Well other than the friction folders that normally accompany them. I have a genuine sickness in that on a daily basis I carry 1-Small Fixed Blade, 1-Med-Lrg Folder, 1- Friction Folder and 1- SAK Alox Cadet for a total of 4 blades. If sheeple wouldn't freak out I'd honestly carry my Bark River Montana Guide a friction folder and the Cadet. I don't see the Cadet as a knife but a multitool. But people are sheeple and we must hide our knives and weapons because a snowflake might get triggered and Gods forbid if we all aren't Politically Correct. But when it comes to the sheeple I say "Trample the weak & Hurdle the dead".

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