Sunday Carry

Landscaper (age 24)
Kentwood, LA
I just kinda throw this carry together. And it turned out to be a really nice combo. Thought I would share it. Enjoy folks.

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Simple and elegant. Curious about the 1921 silver dollar. Magician? I do it as a hobby and have carried a 1921 Morgan silver dollar with me daily for years. I know it's nothing big it's still kinda cool to see someone else who carries the exact same nearly 100 year old coin. Thanks for posting.
A friend of mine is a fan of fidget tools. He paid way to much for a pure copper fidget toy. So I started carrying my 1921 silver dollar as a fidget toy just to mess with him. It's just so knarly, elegant, so vintage and cool. It was a gift from my grandmother who owns an antique shop. Mine is just a "fidget" tool. Although I really just end up doing more showing off with it than "fidgeting".
Bro, such a beautiful setup :')
Nice. I dig it. Vintage, patina and classy.
Very nice Justin! How do you like the lumintop?
I really like it. I have had problems with it being exposed to a very little bit of water. I love the modes on it. Low, med, and high. Very simple. I would recommend it for sure. I would be wary of the waterproof limit also.
Thank you very much for your opinion!👍
Love the patina on that Opinel!
Loving it!! Good vin EDC!!
Thanks man. Your profile pic is bad to the bone. Looks like a hell of a time.