Triple Aught Design Parallax Messenger Bag


"Organization is definitely the Triple Aught Design Parallax Messenger Bag’s forte. From the outside it looks sleek and minimal but open its magnetic self-aligning/mechanically locking buckles to reveal a cavernous amount of storage space, with multiple Helix attachment points to secure a range of accessories that include Transport Cubes, Transport Pouches, and Admin Panels. A range of cleverly configured pockets inside and out stash smaller goods within reach and a 15-inch laptop across the back. The most unique of these is a front drop pocket with Helix attachments for an Admin Panel that can slide down for quick access and slide back in just as quickly (see second image for a look). It’s also made of a highly durable and..." (via GearHungry)

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Aesthetically, this is one slick looking bag. I'm loving the design.