Today's Torched Carry

Lincoln, Nebraska
A bit of today's carry features items with torched coloring. Who doesn't want a little color in their pockets?!

I'm a big fan of gear with character, so leather and copper are two materials that I don't ever see myself stepping away from.

Enjoy, cheers!

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What's the finish on your pen? It looks great.
It's just copper with a patina. The first month I carried it in an Ashton leather slip case, just to avoid the sweat and oil from my hands rubbing off in my pocket. It worked out pretty well! Thanks!
I couldn't find the watch leather strap at the link.
Do you know how can I find it elsewhere besides amazon?
It looks amazing, just what I am looking for
Hi, it's a custom strap I purchased off of the WatchUSeek forums. It's a Horween Dublin strap.
Love everything from Hitch and Timber.
Am liking the full grain leather strap with a nice custom finish. Quality!
Thank you man! I appreciate it!
NICE! How did you get the nice patina on the Sage 2? I assume that's a custom job -- who did it if you didn't do it yourself?
Thank you! I just sanded down the scales with a high grit sandpaper and torched the non-clip side with a propane torch. I've got a ZT0450 I was able to get completely bronze colored by flame, which was really nice, so I figured I could do the same with my Sage 2.... nope! So I decided to go for an oil-spill look.
Very nice setup. I dig it.
Love the copper chap stick sleeve. Tried the link but can't find it on Amazon. Any idea where I can find one of those? TY in advance.